Church Ministry Consultant, Author, and Speaker

Are you experiencing the life that God intended for you? He is at work in everyone’s lives, whether you realize it or not. It’s time to live your life with greater intention so that you can enjoy God’s Kingdom in the present. Reggie McNeal is a Kingdom-centric church ministry consultant, author, and speaker. "The Kingdom" is a movement that anyone can participate in if they want more out of life or to be better. Learn more by exploring his books, podcasts, and other content.

About Reggie McNeal

For over 30 years, Christian thought leader Reggie McNeal has dedicated himself to helping everyday people and other leaders pursue more intentional lives. His professional experience is wide-ranging, from serving as a denominational executive, congregational leader, leadership coach, the founding pastor of a new church, and more. He has also lectured and taught as adjunct faculty for multiple seminaries, served as a church ministry consultant, and advised in the business sector.

In addition to his books, Reggie has contributed to numerous denominational publications and church leadership journals. He looks forward to helping you enrich your spiritual life through his writing, podcast, or speaking engagements. Learn more by reading his full biography.

Reggie McNeal